About us

a bit of history and assumptions

Updated: 1.05.2018
AERO51 - controversial name, might seem... Right, we wanted certainly, to our songs was associated with the current of spacesynth and hence such a move, but We never want to impersonate under AREA 51 (Michiel van der Kuy & Rob van Eijk - masters project). The project was developed in late 2011 and it is related to indescribable adventure. That project introduced us to the spacesynth world and we have a huge fondness for this. Initially, we created a pseudo-spacesynth, which we inserted in the pages of the wrzuta.pl (Teleportation, Another Galactic, Experimental Mission, You & Me in Fear, etc). This project was been discontinued, because our growth and speculation on the pages of forum Spacesynth.net did not allow us to continue making music for this project. The last production of AERO51 is Imminent Shutdown. Project is ended in 27/03/2016. One year later (27/03/2017) - effort A51m Productions - released (first and last) official album (called Experimental Mission) of this project, specially for all the fans of our initial productions.
AERO51music - postscript "music" was created because we want to associate with the project AERO51. "New" name (AERO51music) is treated as alias for us (Janusz Golesz & Marcin Golesz).
A51m Productions - self-label, who took over all the projects, which have so far arisen. We are planning to produce music in other genres of music, under new names of the projects - at their own expense, hence the need to create their own "music label".
Laser Machine - first project, which was established for AERO51music (now: A51m Productions). The first part of the name is yet another attempt to strong attachment to the spacesynth genre ;) It arose spontaneously when creating a track Time Vehicle, which outlines the style of the project (Time Vehicle originally supposed to be released by AERO51). In our assumptions in this project are to be issued calm songs, not matching the style of our other projects (except for the song Computer World, which is not calm).
Terminal One - the name of that project was created, because we are fans of Linux, and as you know the terminal is an integral part of any Linux distribution, this is a tribute made by us for the Linux :) The project was created at the turn of 2013/2014, when we was released the song: "Escape in Space". In our assumptions songs of that project should be similar to Rygar, LASERDANCE, Proxyon, Power Machine, Perestroika Power, Kozmoz.
Digital Dragons - was built at the turn of 2013/2014, when the first track was released (First Flight). Marcin invented the name of the project. Originally it was supposed to be a song title, but Janusz said: It will be the name of our new musical project. In our assumptions songs of that project should be similar to Tom Lacy, AREA 51, modern style of Rygar.
Hipersynth - a project, that was created while working on the piece Aeronautica (ie autumn 2014), in which chords are inspired by the Hipnosis song (Argonauts), bass reminds Syntech (in song Soundly Computed). In our assumptions songs of that project should refer to Syntech, Hipnosis, Cyber People and constitute their blend. 1/06/2017 - effort A51m Productions released first album called Aeronautica.
Prospero & Spaceialized - twin projects. The only difference between them is that the in Prospero we will use the female vocals, while in Spaceialized - male vocals. We've always liked the vocal productions in the style of spacesynth (Eurodance). We decided to try their hand in this style, by creating remixes. We are planning to also productions created by us from scratch.
Source Code - this project is created to produce covers of spacesynth music - the "Source" of our inspiration.
Genizys & Ixyon - surprise projects :) Details coming soon!